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Training course

Neurodiversity Awareness Workshops

Our workshops are designed to educate management and employees about Neurodiversity, including what it is, the differences between neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals, and the strengths and weaknesses of neurodiverse individuals. These workshops are based on personal lived experiences and the latest statistics to emphasize key points and  provide a deeper understanding of Neurodiversity.

Recruitment and Training

We work with your organization to develop recruitment and training processes that will attract and retain top talent from the Neurodivergent community.  We can also vet external partners to ensure they share your values and have a thorough understanding of Neurodiversity and your organization's skill requirements.

Job interview
Supportive Friend
Supportive Friend

Neurodivegent Employee Supports

Onboarding and Support Services: Onboarding and long-term support are crucial for employees with Neurodiversity. Working with your organization, we help develop programs that address the social anxieties that neurodivergent employees may face and align employees with the right coach or mentor to meet their needs.


Retention and Career Development:

We understand the unique challenges that neurodivergent employees may face in the workplace and work with your organization to create retention and career development programs that empower them to succeed.

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