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At M-Path Consulting Inc., we understand firsthand the unique challenges and strengths that come with being neurodivergent. That's why we're dedicated to helping businesses like yours tap into the vast pool of talent and skills within the neurodivergent community. With our Autistic-led team and 25+ years of industry experience, we can help you evaluate the barriers in your organization to recruiting, training, and retaining neurodiverse employees. We'll work with you to develop scalable and sustainable organizational transformations that empower neurodivergent employees and elevate your culture, communication, and problem-solving skills. Our goal is to help you become more competitive and accelerate the adoption of these changes across your entire team. Contact us at M-Path Consulting Inc. to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.


As someone who was diagnosed with both Autism and ADHD at the age of 37, I know firsthand the challenges and unique strengths that come with being neurodivergent. While seeking out information and support, I realized that there are few resources available for adults with Autism and other neurodiverse conditions. Even fewer employers are aware of the benefits that neurodivergent individuals can bring to their organizations. That's where M-Path Consulting comes in. With my personal experience and over 25 years of work experience in manufacturing and automation, I'm here to help companies understand and embrace neurodiversity in the workplace. I'll work with your organization to develop tailored recruitment, training, and retention programs that empower neurodivergent employees to thrive. My goal is to guide you through the process of making meaningful, sustainable organizational changes that benefit everyone.

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